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With so many claiming to be “the best” and knowing everything there is to know about getting the physique you dream of, isn’t it time you listened to someone who actually does know what they are talking about?

Brian’s qualifications speak for themselves, as a Professional Strength & Nutrition Coach, Professional Boxing Corner-Man, Pro Personal Trainer. Brian has also been a 3 x British Champion, Mr Universe & World Championship Bodybuilder.

But his proven track record doesn’t end their… He has also gone on to train multiple professional boxers and competing natural bodybuilders.

Follow the best, follow someone with a proven track record and get the best.

Straight talking, backed by the latest scientific evidence, if you want to be the best speak to Brian today.

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Training Portfolio

  • Date
    18th October 2016
    Recruit More Muscle, Lift More Weight Here’s what you need to know… In the short term, explosive exercises activate high-threshold motor units to recruit more muscle during your training. More recruitment means more weight and more muscle. In the long-term, explosive exercises allow you to recruit more muscle fibers with less effort. This makes it easier to smash heavy weights. […]
  • Date
    18th October 2016
    “But it’ll cause injuries!” Will it? Will it really? Here’s the part you’re missing. Behind the neck presses are one of the best shoulder-building exercises there is, and it used to be a staple among bodybuilders from the 50s up to the early 80s. It’s the most effective pressing exercise for overall shoulder development. This is found both in the […]
  • Date
    18th October 2016
    Advanced Training Strategy for Natties Here’s what you need to know… The number one mistake by natural lifters is doing too much volume. You need to trigger protein synthesis and then stop training. Frequency is also super important. Hitting a muscle three times per week is the optimal frequency for natties. The key to growth is to have a big […]

My Recent Blog Posts

25th January 2017

Bodybuilding Contest-Prep Disasters Solved!

From hidden junk-food binging to misunderstanding how to lose fat, here are a few of the most common and avoidable ways people sabotage their fitness success. Condition isn’t everything. But when it comes to competitive bodybuilding, it is usually those with the dedication and discipline to diet down to an extremely lean condition who win. Look inside just about any […]
24th January 2017

The Simple Carb Cycling Diet

Get Ripped Without Overthinking It Here’s what you need to know… The simplest way to implement carb cycling is to break it down into two categories: training and non-training days. Adjust carb intake according to workout volume and intensity. Big workouts require more carbs. Small workouts require fewer carbs. After “big” workouts, have two post-workout meals. For a 200-pound guy, […]

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  • Professional Strength & Nutrition Coach
  • Professional Boxing CornerMan
  • Pro Personal Trainer
  • 3 x British champion
  • Mr Universe
  • World Champion Body-Builder